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Chemex Filters 3 Cups

Chemex Filters 3 Cups

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The patented Chemex Filters 3 Cups - Paper Bonded Filters fit perfectly with the Chemex three cup coffee maker. A pack contains 100 crescent-shaped filters that remove all unwanted particles and guarantee a richer taste.

Peter Schlumbom designed the Chemex coffee maker, known for its timeless and beautiful design, in 1941. Chemex was selected by the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1956 as one of the best designed items of the modern era. It also belongs to the permanent collections of renowned museums such as MoMA and the Smithsonian. Schlumbohm, who had a PhD in chemistry, was inspired by the shape and qualities of laboratory equipment, especially the funnel and the Erlenmeyr. To the "funnel" he added an air channel and a spout and to the "bottle" a small protrusion to mark the center. Chemex is made of borosilicate glass that does not absorb odors or chemical residues. The wooden handle with leather strap is a functional and eye-catching detail. Chemex is an ideal choice for minimalists and coffee lovers alike.

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