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Undiú - Catucaí 2SL Anaerobic Fermentation

Undiú - Catucaí 2SL Anaerobic Fermentation

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Tasting notes: green apple, lemon, vanilla, ripe fruit.
Roast: light
Variety: Catucaí 2SL | micro lot
Process: anaerobic fermentation - 60 hours in big bags
Suitable for: espresso & filter
Available as: whole beans, espresso en filter grind
Origin: Fazenda Santa Mônica, Ibiraci, Minas Gerais-Brazil

Undiú* - Catucaí 2SL Anaerobic Fermentation  

*Undiú means 'sound of a bird' in Portuguese

The Catucaí 2SL or Yellow Catucaí, is a crossbreed of Catuaí and Mundo Novo coffee varietals. The process of anaerobic fermentation starts with freshly picked coffee beans, meticulously selected, ensuring an exceptional product. After that, the beans are transferred to big bags and inoculated with yeast, a vital process in creating distinct and complex flavors. Then, the beans undergo a 60-hour anaerobic fermentation process, allowing the beans and yeast to interact and produce the unique characteristics of the final product. The beans are then stored for 25 days to further enhance and balance the flavors. Finally, they are brought back to the yard for final drying.

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