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Gatekeeper - Geisha Natural

Gatekeeper - Geisha Natural

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Tasting notes: sugar cane, lime, soft orange.
Roast: medium light
Variety: Geisha | natural process | micro lot
Suitable for: espresso | filter
Available: whole beans, espresso en filter grind
Origin: Fazenda Santa Mônica, Ibiraci, Minas Gerais-Brazil

Gatekeeper - Geisha Natural

This is one of the first ever Geisha cultivated coffee on Brazilian soil! 

The natural coffee production process is a technique used in the coffee industry to transform coffee fruits into coffee beans ready for roasting. This process is known for being simpler and more traditional than other methods, such as the washed process.

Harvesting: The natural process begins with picking the ripe fruit from the coffee tree. Experienced producers select only the red, ripe fruits to guarantee the quality of the coffee.

Drying: After harvesting, the whole coffee fruits, including the pulp and beans, are spread out in thin layers on drying patios in the sun or on elevated surfaces such as terraces. The fruits are left in the sun to dry naturally.

Turning: During the drying process, the fruit is turned regularly to ensure that it dries evenly and that no unwanted fermentation occurs. The flesh of the fruit begins to shrink, exposing the coffee beans inside.

Moisture control: The aim is to achieve an ideal moisture level in the coffee beans, which is usually around 11-12%. This is important to prevent the growth of mold or deterioration of the beans.

Hulling: Once the fruit has been dried, it goes through hulling machines to remove the dry layer of pulp, exposing the coffee beans. The beans are now known as "parchment coffee".
Grading: The hulled coffee beans go through a grading process to remove any defects, such as broken or fermented beans. This guarantees the quality of the coffee.

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