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Maragogipe Southern Boundaries

Maragogipe Southern Boundaries

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Tasting notes: Red fruit jam, jabuticaba, pineapple, tamarind. Creamy and intense.
Roast: light
Variety: Maragogipe | natural process | micro lot
Origin: Fazenda Santa Mônica, Ibiraci, Minas Gerais-Brazil
Suitable for: pour over | filter
Available as: whole beans, espresso and filter grind

Maragogipe's Southern Boundaries 

The Maragogipe is a variety of Arabica coffee, also known as "elephant coffee beans". It is believed that this coffee is a spontaneous mutation of the Typica coffee variety that occurred in Maragogipe, Bahia in Brazil. This is a very large coffee bean compared to other Arabica coffee beans. The Maragogipe is a rarity in the coffee world and is highly appreciated by coffee lovers.

Jean Faleiros from Eldorado Specialty Coffees, of which Fazenda Santa Mônica is part of, tells us:

"The paths traveled by our age-old tradition bring us here. It is the blossoms of every harvest, of every year on our plantations, that tell our story. We are the Eldorado Specialty Coffee Group, an alliance of farms with a centuries-old tradition of growing coffee in the beautiful Alta Mogiana region.
We are leaders in the research and extraction of various types of coffee batches, using advanced technology in their processing. Our commitment to specialty coffee production goes beyond quality. With sustainable techniques and organic products, we protect the environment and grow our beans with love and dedication, as if we were mining precious gold, selecting the best fruits to deliver exceptional coffee to our customers."

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