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Morning Sun - Yellow Bourbon

Morning Sun - Yellow Bourbon

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Tasting notes: passion fruit, vanilla, citrus, floral.
Roast: light
Variety: Yellow Bourbon | micro lot
Process: natural - intermittent drying, anaerobic fermentation - 60 hrs
Suitable for: filter
Origin: Fazenda Santa Mônica, Ibiraci, Minas Gerais-Brazil
Available: whole beans, espresso en filter grind

Morning Sun - Yellow Bourbon | Anaerobic fermentation 60 hours

Our top notch coffee beans!

This process begins with carefully selected beans that are freshly picked to ensure high quality. The beans are then placed in an airtight drum where yeasts are added to aid in the development of unique and complex flavors. The coffee beans and yeast undergo a 60-hour anaerobic fermentation process, resulting in the development of special flavors. After fermentation, the beans are transferred to the suspended beds for intermittent drying, which is initially done until they reach 16% moisture. The beans are then stored in a suitable environment for up to 25 days to further develop and harmonize the flavors. Finally, the beans are returned to the yard for final drying until they reach 11.4% moisture. The end result is a coffee with intense and complex flavors, featuring notes of ripe fruit, floral tones, and a distinct sweetness. This process, which involves a combination of anaerobic fermentation, intermittent drying, and controlled storage, creates a truly unique cup of coffee that appeals to those seeking a unique coffee experience.

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